Our Story.

The surfboard factory has stood, in this location, on the cliffs above St. Agnes for over 30 years. In its heyday, it built thousands of boards a year and was a hub for local surfers and visiting shapers alike.

In early 2017 after 10 years of gradual decline, it was going to close.

We didn't want to see that happen. We didn't want to see decades of shaping expertise or the art of crafting surfboards lost. So Open was born.

We’ve created a place we’d like to hang out in. A chilled space where there are no silly questions. Where surfboard building knowledge is openly shared. Where bespoke trumps mass produced. Where the people who dedicate their lives to creating the boards we love to ride are supported and promoted. Where surfers can experiment and express their individuality.

Our aims.

Make great boards

We don't want to build thousands of boards a year. We aren't trying to compete with mass produced boards from overseas or the marketing hype of big brands.

We just want to build the best boards that we can, with the best craftspeople, to the highest possible standards.

Be a positive force

We aim to support and promote the craft of surfboard shaping as well as the craftspeople who dedicate their lives to creating the boards we love to ride.

Do no harm

There is a hell of a lot of greenwashing in the surfboard industry. At it's core it's still a pretty toxic process.

It's not a problem we are going to solve tomorrow but it is a problem we want to solve. We aim to continue to reduce the impact of what we do on the environment but also on the health and well being of the people we work with.


We're really proud that people who started their careers in the factory have returned to work with us. The likes of Larry Loggins (sander and shaper) and Steven Hendon (laminator and shaper).

These are guys that have spent a lifetime building up their skills to become true masters of their craft.


Who knows… Blood, sweat and tears has gone into renovating and getting the factory to where it is today. We've done all the work ourselves to keep costs down. But there is still a lot we want to do and success is by no means a foregone conclusion.

Whether Open stays open comes down to the quality of what we do and the support of surfers who believe in us and what we are trying to achieve.

We've been bowled over by the reception and support of people who've visited and supported us so far - we couldn't do it without you - so thank you.