Black Friday Deals

Black Friday has become a monster. The custom, quickly adopted from the States, will see Brits spend over 10 Billion pounds this year.

Everywhere you look retailers are pushing their sales. Super-special one-off prices. You, like us probably woke up with an inbox overflowing with special offers. And let's face it - who isn't tempted by a deal?

So as a 'retailer', the pressure to take part is huge.

But we can't. It doesn't fit our ethos. It doesn't fit our aspirations for the future of Open. So we're taking a different approach to how we 'sell' our boards.

To give you some context; in its hey-day, this factory produced thousands of boards a year. As big business bought into surfing, boards started to be imported from super-factories overseas. The factory tried to keep up with lower prices and competitive sales tactics but the race to the bottom had an inevitable ending.

We don't believe growth-on-growth is sustainable (financially or environmentally). We don't want to build thousands of boards again. We aren't trying to compete on price or with corporations who churn out millions of off-the-peg surfboards. Doing any of those things would compromise our aspiration to build the best boards we can for people who will cherish and look after them.

The problem with Black Friday is that special prices tempt us to buy things we don't need. Things that won't last. Things that won't get used.

We don't want to be part of that system. So we're going to put a stake in the ground and say that we won't be taking part in Black Friday or any other sales, ever.

That's scary; perhaps we're naive, perhaps a business needs to cut prices to survive? We don't know, it feels like everyone else is doing it after all...

Only time will tell. We do need customers. But we don't need to sell thousands and thousands of boards. We just need the support of a small number of people who share our beliefs.

Of course, not everyone has the financial freedom to be super selective about their purchase decisions. And we don't want cost to be a barrier for people who want to get their boards in a more sustainable way.

For that reason, we've spent the last year quietly working on a new model of board 'ownership'. It's called the Open Board Club. A monthly membership that gives you access to an incredible quiver of boards from the World's best shapers. If you are interested you can find out more here.

Otherwise, please take a moment to think twice about hitting the buy button today. Do you really need it? Will it last? How has it been made? What compromises have been made to produce a product that can be discounted so heavily?