Staying Stoked Through Lockdown

As surfers, we tend to get a bit grumpy when we miss our fix, but to sit inside on the days you know the surf is pumping seams like a special type of torture. So, how do we get through another three weeks of lockdown? Here are a few things that have been keeping us stoked.

Chris and Demi from the London Surf Film festival are working with a talented crew of filmmakers across the globe to curate a line up of must-see surf films. Special weekly screenings are free to watch for a limited period and are accompanied by intros, talks and Q&A's from filmmakers, surfers and curators. 
We love the ethos behind the Lockdown Surf Film Festival. The screenings are a brilliant way for us all to virtually get together and share a bit of love for our sport; stoking the fires at a time when we can't pack out a cinema together.
Check out the Lockdown Surf Film Festival for more info.
Nervous Laughter

It's been an absolute pleasure the last few weeks to get time to sit down and read. There are loads of surf-related books that are worth your time. But in terms of magazines, The Surfer's Path has always been a firm favourite. Focusing on long-form articles and incredible imagery, it has plenty of quality content to sink your teeth in to.

There is even more reason to support The Surfer's Path right now; they're only a few hundred subscribers away from achieving the goal of being entirely reader-supported. So if you like the idea of an independent surf publication, free from the shackles of advertisers, then check it out and subscribe here.

Ben Thouard

With 120 episodes to listen to, this podcast has enough content to keep you entertained for the next 3 weeks on its own. We particularly like the approach Matt Barr takes to interviewing; expect less hyperbole and surface fluff you often get with anything 'action sports' related. Instead, Matt digs a bit deeper, unearthing interesting/untold stories from characters across a range of sports. 
It's well worth a listen here.
Mike Lay By Nick Pumphrey
When we get our freedom back, we want to be jumping in the water like we never left rather than lolling around like a doughy blob. If like me, you treated the first few weeks of lockdown as an opportunity to eat your body weight in snacks every day, now's the time to get back in shape.
Enter Cris Mills, the Surf Strength Coach. Cris has been creating surf training videos for over a decade on his popular YouTube channel. His app is packed with advice and training to improve all aspects of your surfing, and he's currently offering a free 2-week surf-fitness training program. It covers mobility drills and bodyweight surf fitness exercises that you can do from home.
Surf Strength Coach Picture
OK, so this isn't a website, app or product that's easy to download. Instead, it's a reminder we have a unique opportunity to change things up. For many people, the work email has stopped pinging, the phone has stopped ringing and while we can't play outside all day long, we do have the freedom to do what we want with our days. This freedom is a gift, and we're trying to make the most of it.

It could be something simple like painting a wall, but it could be something life-changing like launching an idea you've always had or changing the way you live entirely. Yes, these times are uncertain and worrying, but they are also full of opportunity to change our lives for the better. 

Finally, a shameless plug for our giveaway; we have used the first three weeks of lockdown to get a proper website live. To celebrate and promote it we're giving away a surfboard every week for four weeks!
Prize draws are every Friday evening. Friday 24th of April, Friday 1st of May, Friday 8th of May and Friday 15th of May.
We hope the comp will help spread a bit of stoke and give everyone something to look forward to at the end of each week - chances are high - but you've got to be in it to win it!
Win Surfboards
We would love to hear more/tips ideas for getting through the lockdown. Leave a comment below if you have any.

Photo credits in order of appearance
Frame from Nervous Laughter Dir. Dan Norkunas
Photo from TSP issue 101 by Ben Thouard
Mike Lay recently featured on the Looking Sideways podcast - photo by Nick Pumphrey

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