In this 2-day workshop, you will learn to shape your own surfboard with the guidance of one of our expert shapers.

From £895

Introduction to shaping

In this half-day workshop, you get an introduction to the basics of how to shape a surfboard.



Shape your own surfboard in our shaping bays. Includes a half-day introduction to shaping workshop, all materials, use of tools and glassing/finishing by our professional team.

From £470



I’m the kind of person who is so afraid of failure that they never start things for fear of making a mistake, so I never thought I’d end up shaping my own board, and a 9’6 log at that. The guys at Open were on hand every step of the way, making sure that I didn’t screw up, but also that I still did all of the shaping and could honestly say at the end that I’d shaped my board. At each stage they showed me what to do then stepped back to let me try it, letting me go at my own speed and just keeping an eye on things as my confidence grew. The end result is a beautiful board that I still can’t believe I made myself, and some new practical skills too. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone, it’s an amazing feeling riding a board you’ve shaped yourself, and a fun way to spend a couple of days. The time in the shaping bay just flew by. Thanks so much, I can’t wait to make another one!

Rebecca P

My girlfriend bought me an introduction to shaping for my Birthday. I absolutely loved it!

Ollie was brilliant and I really enjoyed finding out a bit more about what goes into making surfboards. I'm going to have a go at shaping one in my shed now!

Thanks :)

Jake W

I've dreamed of shaping my own surfboard for years and finally treated myself to a full shaping workshop as a (big) birthday present! I couldn't recommend it highly enough. The satisfaction of seeing the board come together with my own hands was immense. I have to admit, I was concerned I'd make a dud! But Ollie gave me the perfect amount of guidance to ensure I knew what I was doing / didn't ruin the board but still really feel like I shaped it myself. I've had 4 or 5 surfs on it now and it goes like a dream! Cheers guys - i'll be back to do another soon.

Paul R

Having worked my way through way too many custom surfboards in the last twenty years, it was incredible to finally get a chance to shape my own. We based the design on a Morning of the Earth twin-fin I’d seen Noah Lane riding. Ollie was awesome to work with, he was patient and explained every little detail, letting me wield the planer enough to understand how to make a pass but not enough to hack massive chunks of foam out of the deck. He was delighted I had chosen a simple triple stringer blank and channels as a first board. It’s an amazing art form though, taking bits of foam away to realise a finished board. Having someone who knows what they are doing with you helps enormously. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome, which came straight out to a south coast reef and got dinged after a couple of very enjoyable hours. I couldn’t recommend Open, the shaping workshop or Ollie highly enough.

Dan Crockett
St Agnes

EPIC - I can't really say anymore! For not much more than it would cost to buy a decent board in a shop I got an amazing experience and board. Big thanks to everyone at OPEN who made me feel so welcome.

Nicola B