9'4 Pendulum Swing
9'4 Pendulum Swing
9'4 Pendulum Swing
9'4 Pendulum Swing
9'4 Pendulum Swing

9'4 Pendulum Swing

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Hand shaped by Beau Young

Single Fin Longboard 9'4 x 22 3/4 x 2 3/4

This is one of our favourite boards to date; a showcase of top-end surfboard craftsmanship.

Beautifully finished by Steven Hendon and Larry Loggins
Deep red resin tint
Subtle, red on red screen printed logos
Gloss Polish
Drill through leash loop

What Beau has to say about this model:

'The Pendulum is quite simply an amazing all-round longboard. Of all the longboards in the range, the Pendulum has the greatest amount of versatility.

This board boasts a nice wide nose for either learning to nose ride or alternatively if you are already spending time on the nose this board will enable you to noseride like never before.

Refined rails enable precision turning for a board that is basically modelled from 1960’s equipment. This board is old-style cool with modern flair and trimmings. Slight nose concave for greater hold and stability while nose riding in the pocket, a continuous curve in the outside rail template stops the board from catching its rail at any point during a turn. The foam is nicely thinned out through both tail and nose for turns, noserides and trimming with a medium foam thickness through the central part of this board to make catching waves simple. A board for a surfer of any ability….The Pendulum is “The Great Allrounder” in my longboard range.'

This board works perfectly in waves sized from 1′ – 5′ waves.


The Pendulum Swing is available in lengths 9’1″ to 10'
An example of the board's measurement ratios for a 9’4″ are:
length 9’4″, width 22 ¾, thickness 2 ¾, noise 18 ¼, tail 15

FIN SETUP: Single fin box

Read our bio on Beau

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